Cute Comic Shows 10 Ways Dads Can Support New Moms

Parenting is not easy. Parenting without support is no joke. People think once the baby comes, everything will fall in place. But that is when things get real. From pregnancy to labor to birth to postpartum, new mothers have no break. Her body and mind have gone through awful a lot, and now is the time she needs you the most.

If you wonder, what are the ways dads can support new moms, we have made a list.

#1 Bring snacks and water while mum is feeding the baby

First things first, she needs fuel. Even if your wife is not breastfeeding, she still needs energy. As a husband and dada, please keep checking if she has eaten anything other than a bag of chips. Nursing can totally mess up her appetite, and there is no hunger like new postpartum moms. So, ensure she eats enough and stays hydrated.

#2 Burp the baby after a feed

burp the baby after feed

Please give her a hand and take the opportunity to burp your newborn after breastfeeding. While doing this, you are helping your wife a little and bonding with your little one.

#3 Encourage and appreciate her

encourage the mom

Just know that her body has gone through a lot. She may not be in her space, and a little appreciation never hurts. Some mothers do not see the bodies when looking in the mirror. Tell her she is doing a fantastic job, and you love her no matter what. She will want to know that she still matters to you. Do not let her down. Go the extra mile and tell her what she means to you.

#4 Help with bath time

help her with bath time

While dads are not innate in this segment, you can learn how to bathe the baby. Be there with her during bath time. See the routine and take something off her plate. This can also be your time to play with your little one and strengthen your relationship.

#5 Sing, read, or play with baby

dad play with baby

One of the greatest gifts you can ever give to a new mom is to be there for her. If at all possible, take some time off work and be with your baby. Read stories, sing lullabies, and just play around so mom can have some quiet time for herself.

#6 Change diapers

change baby diapers

Yes! Dads can change diapers, too, and they should. We are in the 21st century, guys. Should we really be asking?

#7 Take care of cooking and cleaning

take care of cooking and cleaning

Believe me when I say nothing makes a new mom happier than healthy food and a cleaner house. Understand that she needs a balanced diet to produce quality milk for the baby and nurture herself as well.

One of the most significant issues for new moms is that either they do not have enough time to cook a meal or gets tired and skip food. This is where you need to step in and make sure she has healthy food.

#8 Go for a walk together

go for walk

Babies need fresh air and light as much as you both. When the baby comes home, you may not go out as a couple as you always did. But, you can go for a walk with the baby, and they will start to see the world from a different perspective. The brisk walk with the stroller also works as a bit of exercise for both of you.

#9 Keep essentials stocked up

keep essential stocked

Dad, the more you help, the less she feels stressed. There are so many things you can do to make her comfortable. You can run errands like filling up the groceries, getting cleaning supplies, diapers, household necessities, anything that comes to your mind, which reduces her work.

#10 Let mom sleep a little extra

let mom sleep extra

During the initial months, mothers have to breastfeed every two or three hours, and it is exhausting. Take care of the baby as much as you can to give her a few extra minutes of peaceful sleep. Change diapers, burb baby, go for a walk, set the bed, do laundry, just do everything.

Becoming a mom is one of the incredible and challenging times. There is no doubt that your partner or wife feels exhausting and overwhelmed by it all. But, know that she relies on you, and do not let her down.


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